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Matherne Family Genealogy Site

  St. Joseph Catholic Church, French Settlement, LA


This site contains the family tree for the MATHERNE family in South Louisiana. Johann Adam MATERNE immigrated to an area known as the German Coast about 1721. Many of his descendants still live in this area today. Access to information on living individuals is restricted. This Matherne Web Project is an open digital record allowing anyone with an interest to browse at leisure the historical material collected with the help of numerous other researchers. Contributors of new material and knowledge are welcome. Of particular interest are source documentation by conscientious researchers. Enjoy!


Family Reunion 2004 Data Entry. A MATHERNE family reunion took place in French Settlement, Louisiana in October of 2004. Family Group Sheets for many of the descendants of Azenor MATHERNE and Octave MATHERNE, Jr. were collected. Entry of these records is underway.

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