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1  Oleze Octava Matherne
2  Francois Anatole Matherne
3  Theresa Marie Matherne
4  Elenore (Marie Leonore) Matherne
5  Joseph Azenor Matherne
6  Marie Louise Matherne
7  Arnold Matherne
8  Mary Eliza Matherne
9  Edgar Cyrille Matherne
10  Mary Clementine Matherne
11  Clement Francois Matherne
12  Pearl Agnes Lambert
13 1012 Cleary Avenue, Metairie, LA 70001
Source: Brignac Family and Their Relatives in Louisiana
14 ABBR Authement, Fatchett, Savoie Source: Authement, Fatchett, Savoie, Daigle Connection
15 ABBR Francev27t0959.ftw Source: Francev27t0959.ftw
16 ABBR Poche,Jacques.ftw Source: Poche,Jacques.ftw
17 ABBR v25t0325.ftw Source: v25t0325.ftw
18 ABBR WFT 1, # 108 Source: WFT 1, # 108
19 Albert died in a fight in Mauepas, LA. Albert Jean Lambert
20 Andrew Murphy was married twice. Andrew Murphy
21 As documented by the census of 1721, there were thirteen men stationed at
Fort Toulouse. . . In this group were Simon Jacques Brignac who worked
his land in partnership with another soldier, Laurent Laurent. . . Around
the year 1725, Simon Jacques Brignac married Marie Turpin. The marriage
cannont be located but Marie may have been the daughter of Jean Baptiste
Turpin, a Canadian who came to LLouisiana with Iberville on his second voyage
in 1700. (The Brignac Family by Janic Deitch Young) 
Simon Jacques Brignac
22 Baptism Sponsors: Octave Matherne and Estell Philomene Murphy. Recorded St. Joseph Catholic Church John Matherne
23 Edmond Anatole France, Jr changed the family name from La France to France. This was related to me by Aunt Ada (age 92)[Francev27t0959.ftw]

Edmond LaFrance Jr.Change his name from LaFrance to France.

Anatole Edmond or Tisson France (Submitted by Cynthia Diagle)

South LA Records v.4,p.270
France,Anatole (D)1864 (M)Emelie Monte,her 2rd.(M) Alidore Matherne: children Listed; Edmond,Joseph. Letter of tutorship:4 Feb.1869 (Thib.Ct.Hse.Succ.#780) (submitted by Cynthia Diagle) 
Edmond Anatole France
24 from Family History Book by Irene Moore
He came on a ship to Port Vincent, LA and married then one day no one saw him again. They think he may have jumped on another ship and left. PaPa John Matherne used to say that John Murpy was an Irishman because of his name "Murphy". 
John Murphy
25 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Dieter Walter Joseph Hammerling
26 last name now Lindsey Madolia Westberry
27 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. May E. Picadash
28 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F292
29 Mathais most likely died during the Natchez Indian Massacre of 1728. Mathais Heidel
30 Moved to New Orleans around age 14 to attend school. When married to Mercy LeBourgeois they build a house on Rock St, Meterie, LA. and lived there until Mercy died. Mederic John Matherne
31 name Margaret Leatrice? (ML) Leatrice Matherne
32 Need correct spelling. Could not determine from photocopied sheet. Luslain Matherne
33 nickname "Beaustone" Paul Delmas Lambert
34 Notes: Dates from William Clarks.
1.Title:S.Louisiana Record
From Scott O'Mary 
Mathieu Materne
35 now Douberly. Lottie Walker
36 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Julia Fay Walker
37 Palomie Poche was actually christened a Berthelot since she was an
illegitimate child. She, however, knew her father to be a Poche and
used that surname. 
Palomie Poche
38 Pierre and Arthemise moved to Livingston Parish and are credited with founding the town of Whitehall. Pierre Etienne LeBourgeois
39 Recruited by John Law to be a settler in Louisiana. Known to be in Louisana in
Name : J. Singer

On January 1, 1726, at the village of the Germans, were residing Jean Adam, his wife, 2 children, and 1 sister-in-law. [FRC: Maduell. Census Tables, p.53]

In 1731, Johann Adam Materne, his wife, and three children were residing at the village of the Germans. 
Johann Adam Materne
40 Samuel Eddy came to New England with his brother John Eddy on the "Handmaid," leaving the port of London on August 10, 1630 and arriving at Plymouth Harbor on the 29th of October, 1630 (Old Style), after a very stormy twelve weeks at sea. Samuel lived with his spouse, Elizabeth, in Plymouth until they were both were over seventy years of age. In December 1681 they declared their residence as Swansea, and this is where they died. Samuel Eddy
41 Source Media Type: Other Source: Poche,Jacques.ftw
42 Source Media Type: Other Source: Francev27t0959.ftw
43 Source Media Type: Other Source: v25t0325.ftw
44 Sources:
1.Title: S.Louisiana Record
Marcelline Matherne
45 Sources:
Birth Date: letter to Mercy Lobell 
Elizabeth Heinz
46 Sources:
Birth Date: Mercy Lobell 
William Matherne
47 Sources:
Birth Date: Mercy Lobell 
Severin Laiche
48 Sources:
Death Date: Mercy Lobell 
Bartholomaus Siffert
49 Sources:
Death Date: Mercy Lobell 
Francois Materne
50 South LA Records v.3,p.299
Lafrance,Edmond (D) 20 May 1858 at age 41 (Racelandch.;Orig.Bk.p.
158,#93) submitted by Cynthia Diagle 2001 
Edmond Anatole La France

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