My Mom, Evelyn Lambert Matherne


My mom loved to sew and make quilts.† She made my clothes for me throughout my school years.† Many years ago, feed for the animals would come in printed sacks, and they were used to make clothes and quilts.† I still have some of Momís quilts that were made from scraps of material that she used to make clothes for us.

I also remember washing clothes on a ringer type washing machine.† It was put next to two tubs for rinsing the clothes.† I would pass the clothes through two rollers and it would flatten the clothes to go in the rinse tub.† Sometimes the clothes would get caught and you had to undo them.† We would hang clothes on a line and then raise them up high with what we called a clothesline pole.† It was made from a long branch that you cut from the woods.† You left a ďVĒ on the end to hold up the line.

Mom would catch a chicken from the yard and cut its head off, take the feathers off, clean it, and cut it up for cooking.† Thatís something I never did want to learn to do.

When I was little, I recall Mr. Brignac coming around to sell meat, and Mom would buy seven steaks from him when she could afford it.† They also used to exchange eggs for groceries.† A big truck with fruits and vegetables would come by and Mom would buy some fruits, as we raised most of our vegetables.† She would can vegetables in jars until years later when they bought a freezer.

My mom never did learn how to drive.† She was a hard worker and a loving mom.† In 1992, she had a heart attack, and in 1997, when her eyesight got worse, I took her in my home where she lived until her death on January 25, 2004, at 89 years old.


Daughter, Claudia (Matherne) Crotwell